Jamie Frost 

arving is a process as old as sculpture itself. It’s stood the test of time as a beautifully simple process that anyone can get involved with. You'll work using finest quality hand tools to carve green timber or a range of  stones. Everything is provided but you’ll be shown how to care for tools and where to acquire your own.

You’ll start carving immediately. No previous experience is required. You might decide to create a very simple sculpture that you can finish in a short time or you could take on something more ambitious. Previous students have made everything from a Möbius strip in limestone, to a woodblock printing plate.

This session runs on a credit basis. Students purchase twenty hours of studio time to use as they wish. You can come for an hour just when you feel you need help, or spend a few hours in the studio if things can't wait! Each week the studio is open from 3.30-830pm.

Carving a sculpture is hugely satisfying. The textures, sounds and aroma of the materials will awaken your senses, accompanied by the rhythms of mallet driving chisel. The material slowly reveals the form within, compelling you to continue.

Twenty hours of studio time is £200, to be used whenever you wish. the studio is open from 3.30-8.30 pm every Wednesday.

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