Image courtesy of Georgia Shaw Photography


Jamie Frost MRSS 

amie Frost MRSS is a sculptor and draughtsman noted for his portraiture and figurative drawings. He is an award-winning artist who has exhibited internationally and across the UK.

Working with live models, he may take inspiration from classical sculpture, cinema, Butoh theatre, or a gesture made in his company.  Jamie patiently considers the pose, composition and gesture of his works in lengthy experimentation. A layered process of sketches, prints, maquettes and photographs contribute to the production of major pieces of sculpture or installation. 

Image courtesy of Elspeth Mary Moore

Jamie’s sculptures and drawings play with a sense of narrative and have a strong emotional content, reflecting shared human experiences. He takes great pains to use iterative processes that create tightly corporeal  forms, holding the viewer's attention. This intensity eventually succumbs to the natural inclinations of the media in energetic and dramatic strokes, splinters, cuts, washes.  

   The words we use with trees: limb; heartwood; trunk, are the language of bodies. The smell, warmth, weight, moisture, the sounds, are analogous with human flesh. They are heady and visceral. These sensory qualities heighten my relationship with the work and I see no reason to suppress this. I wish you to experience it. We rely on muscle memory to perform actions. Perhaps it follows that a certain amount of emotional memory might be required in the making of art, to draw upon a recollection of things felt.’

          -excerpt from the catalogue for ‘The Way of All Flesh’

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