Jamie Frost MRSS 


mmerse yourself in the lifestyle of a figurative sculptor. In this course you will spend four days working from a live model to study the art of clay figure sculpture. At the end of the course you will have produced a half life-size sculpture from quality handbuilding clay and prepared it for firing into ceramic. When fired your sculpture will be suitable for outdoor display.

We’ll start by making smaller figures, focussing intently on the subject. You’ll learn to see the underlying structure, working quickly and studying the model at different angles. The process becomes more refined as we start to make armatures for a larger sculpture. Measurement becomes useful and there are more techniques to be applied.  In time you’ll realise that a figure is not merely a likeness, there’s some of yourself in there too. Whether it’s how you handle the clay or where you choose to elaborate and edit, it’s an astonishing thing to discover.

As we continue over the weekend I’ll introduce you to the work of many other sculptors and talk you through the different approaches taken in my own work.

The final day includes a session preparing the sculpture for firing into ceramic. Your sculpture will be frost-proof and suitable for placing outside. 

This masterclass includes a choice of delicious two-course lunches, refreshments and all tools and materials. when booking please advise of dietary requirements.

Working from the life model is rigorous, absorbing and rewarding. The challenge is to depict the life and vitality of a human being with the clay in your hand. Responding to that challenge is supremely exciting.

The fee for the four day course is £465 per participant, including all tools, materials and lunches. 

Next course: June 10-13th 2020

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