This class is suitable for beginners but is also an opportunity for those with some experience of the subject to really get their teeth into a sustained painting.

The class structure includes an introduction to a range of figurative art approaches. You will explore the language of drawing and painting- line, tone, texture and other formal elements. You'll use a range of media and a variety of long and short poses. You'll also discuss colour theory and how you apply colour to the figurative subject matter using both oil and acrylic paints.

This masterclass includes lunches, refreshments and materials. Oil and acrylic paints are provided, along with drawing media, paper and canvas. You are welcome to use other media.

Finding the confidence and ability to create a work of art is truly enabling. To be creative is a natural state that everyone can and should experience.

Jamie is a keen educationalist and has been helping people to be creative his entire working life. a qualified teacher, he has worked across the education sector including university lecturing. He believes in teaching from a strong knowledge base and delivering skills, whilst encouraging experimentation and nurturing self-expression. His areas of focus are figurative and representational art.

If you live near Sculpture Lounge Studios in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, you can take part in the weekly sessions he teaches. Jamie also leads a limited number of art masterclasses and the occasional art holiday.

All sessions take place in a working group studio, with a structure to inspire artists of all levels of experience. The relaxed yet purposeful atmosphere enables everyone to discover and achieve amongst small groups of like-minded friends.

Once booked, all you need to do is bring yourself and some enthusiasm.

If you want to know more, just call 07842111688 or email

Art Classes with Jamie Frost MRSS

Drawing and Painting the Figure

19-21 September 2019

Cost, including materials and lunch_


In this masterclass you will spend four days working from a model to study the art of clay figure sculpture. At the end of the course you will have produced a half life-size sculpture from quality handbuilding clay. When fired it will be suitable for outdoor display.

We’ll start by making smaller figures,working quickly and studying the model at different angles. The process becomes more refined as we make armatures for a larger sculpture. Measurement becomes useful and there are more techniques to learn with the clay. 

The final day includes a session preparing the sculpture for firing into ceramic.

This masterclass includes a choice of lunches, refreshments and all tools and materials.

Ceramic Sculpture from the Figure

12th-15th June 2019

Cost, including materials and lunch_


Book/View schedule.
Book/View schedule.

Short Courses

(held at the studio in West Yorkshire)

telephone_ 07842 111 688

This course is three days working from a model to study the art of portrait sculpture. During the course you will produce a life-size head from quality handbuilding clay.

You’ll start by making small studies,learning to see the underlying structure. A portrait is not just a likeness, there’s some of yourself in there too, wether it’s how you handle the clay or where you choose to elaborate and edit. As we consider details and character, raising an eyebrow or the line of a mouth will dramatically change the mood of the piece. I’ll introduce you to the work of many other sculptors and talk you through the different approaches taken in my own work. The final day includes a session preparing the sculpture for firing into ceramic.

This masterclass includes a choice of lunches, refreshments and all tools and materials.

Portrait Sculpture from Life

10th-12th October 2019

Cost, including materials and lunch_


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If you’re going to learn to draw then draw from the figure. Life drawing is rigorous, but it’s also huge fun, with profound discoveries to be made.

Drawing is a very personal thing so it’s important that the atmosphere of classes is welcoming and accepting. Small groups of people help each other to understand what they are doing, regardless of experience, whilst Jamie provides a structure, tuition and advice which can move things forward.

Students enrol for a ‘term’ of ten sessions on one of two evenings, with the opportunity to catch up on missed sessions on the alternate session.

Drawing materials and refreshments are provided.

Weekly Art Classes

(held at the studio in West Yorkshire)

Life Drawing

Mondays and Thursdays, 6.30-8.30 pm

Cost, including materials and refreshments_


Carving is a beautiful process. The textures, sounds and aroma of the materials will awaken your senses, accompanied by the rhythms of each student driving chisel with mallet.

In this class you'll work using finest quality hand tools to carve green timber or local stone. Everything is provided. You’ll be shown how to care for tools and where to acquire your own.

You’ll start carving immediately. No previous experience is required. You might decide to create a very simple sculpture that you can finish in a short time or you could take on something more ambitious.

This session runs on a credit basis. Students purchase twenty hours of studio time to use as they wish.

Carving (wood and stone)

Wednesdays, 3.30-8.30 pm

Cost, including tools, materials and refreshments_

20 hours- £180

This class is a very practical and skills-based session. You can expect to learn about the various aspects of image making- perspective, tone, colour, mark making, composition and other formal elements. You’ll gain the skills to deal with a variety of subject matter, and understand how to choose the most relevant method of working for you and the subject.

Subjects covered include colour application, under-painting, blocking in, light values, reflected colour and blending and detailing techniques. At the core of all of this is drawing- a drawing is a way of finding out, of letting people know, of solving problems. Anything you do as an artist will be to do with drawing.

Classes run for ten week ‘terms’

Refreshments and some materials are provided.

Drawing and Painting

Wednesdays, 1.00-3.00 pm

Saturdays, 10.00-12noon (during school term times)

Cost, including materials and refreshments_


Book/View schedule.
Book/View schedule.
Book/View schedule.